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Make hackathon projects live longer

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Foundance lets anyone turn any idea and any hackathon project into a growing business with little or no money. It has never been easier to put great teams together and keep everyone incentivized, even while being on a shoestring.

Join the growing network of experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs. Rally to a cause. Set up a smart contract-based agreement and safely collaborate with the like-minded from around the world.

We are still in closed beta. If you want to test our product during closed beta, please send us a request below.

Right team setup from the start

Quick, intuitive, and easy to use

Your captable managed

Cross-border legal compliance

No fees except gas expenses

Immutable and tamper-resistant

Powered by the blockchain

Foundance smart contracts are powerful, yet incredibly easy to use. They help memorialize all key parameters of your agreement right on the blockchain and ensure that everyone receives a fair share of the value created.

They also help you in complex situations, like a departure of a co-founder, or hiring an experienced professional.

How it works

The value of a project goes up as long as good things are added to it. This process is fluid and ever-changing. Therefore, each individual contributor should be entitled to a share of the value that changes dynamically. This principle is built into the Foundance Co-Founder Agreements and serves as a powerful incentive system.

Ideas Expanding

Find or share innovative ideas

Start a new adventure by creating a new project, or browse through the growing number of proposals to make the world a better place. Gain feedback from other entrepreneurs, advisors, and other signals from our pre-market ecosystem.

Complete your team or become a co-founder

Find the right co-founders to collaborate on your idea or join others to complete the team. Tap into our growing network of entrepreneurs, contributors, and professional services providers.


Set up smart contract agreement

Set up a blockchain-based agreement with just a few clicks. Easily track effective contributions and remunerate everyone fairly based on the market values.

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